Week Three – Recovery after Bunion Surgery…

The week started off rather quietly. I was becoming more and more frustrated having to remain in bed all the time, keeping my feet elevated. I was in pain with my left foot again, finishing my medication rather quickly which saw me sleeping the time away. However, I had an appointment with my Doctor this week to remove the casts which kept my spirits up.

When Thursday arrived, I was beaming with delight. Finally, I had the opportunity to wear normal clothing and I donned a polka dot skirt with a black t-shirt, to match the colour of the moon boots (of course) and I was oh so ready to see Dr Hastings. It felt GOOD sitting in the car with Neil driving to the hospital, taking in the sights and sounds of normal living – things so many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

I must admit, I felt somewhat self-conscious jumping out of the car with my moon boots for I knew everyone would be staring, but I soon got used to the glares and progressed to the consulting room with Neil firmly holding my hand to steady me. I didn’t need to use the crutches any longer for I’ve learnt to manoeuvre around nicely on the boots.

When the time arrived to head into the consulting room, I became antsy wondering how he was going to remove the casts, for adjacent to me were pliers and a drill and I was starting to flip out. However, I was assured by his Secretary that they would not be needed – phew *sigh of relief*. The whole process didn’t take too long for Dr Hastings isn’t much of a small-talker – so I had to prod him with questions as he proceeded to snip the bandages across my ankles with scissors and pulled off the casts rather gently revealing my new feet!!!

My, was I surprised to see them again – and WOW did they look different!!! They were super-straight and looked oh so nice:). Yes, there were stitches on the sides where they operated – but my toes were upright. Before my op, my second toe always hugged the big toe, and now although they were somewhat swollen, they were far apart – and most importantly – the bunions have vanished. I couldn’t believe how astounding his handiwork was!

Doctor Hastings placed a small dressing over the stitches and put my feet in stilts with metal on the sides to protect them. I still needed to wear the boots for the next four weeks which would allow a bit more movement however, I still needed to rest and take the weight off them to heal. He warned that I needed to take good care of my feet, to watch where I walked and not bump them for they weren’t strong enough.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome of the surgery and was happy as a lark when I headed home to show my feet off to my daughters. However, my joy was short-lived for I struggled to sleep through the night. I was completely conscious of my feet now with the tiny stilts covering them and was petrified I would knock them as I tossed and turned in bed.

The next day saw me walking around in the boots much easier though – now at least I could venture to the kitchen and lounge areas – no more meals in the room and no need to be confined to the bed for long hours – yippee:). Now I could  watch my favourite soapie, Isidingo whilst enjoying supper with the family – awesome:).

I asked Neil to move my laptop to my study – I found that writing on the bed and taking naps didn’t work well as I was tired all the time. Now I schedule time for writing and only sit for a limited period before I take a walk and rest up.

My dear friend Kim came over on Saturday and we schmoozed over tea for hours. It was lovely catching up, discussing running and training for the upcoming Two Oceans Half Marathon. It feels surreal not being part of the group in training, but one that I’ve accepted. It’s so lovely listening to how well the newbies are coming along training for their very first 21km race. Kim sparkles in her role as mentor, guiding so many of them, I am always in awe of her dedication and passion for running.

In the evening, Neil suggested we head to the beach to watch the sun setting. I couldn’t contain myself for we were going to buy take out from Simply Asia and head to Bloubergstrand:). It was heavenly – we sat in the car, eating, chatting, laughing and of course viewing a perfect sun falling into the sparkling sea – what a magnificent way to end the evening:).

So to sum up this week, I would say it was rather eventful. Staying at home most of the time can be such a bore, but when you have wonderful moments like these – it makes it all worth while. The LOVE I feel for my family and friends are cemented now more than ever before. Their unconditional love shines brightly over me, touching me so deeply – for I see clearly now who would move mountains for me – and I truly know they would:).


  1. Wow Sumi. This brought a tear to my eye. I am trying to make sure that you also get out a bit. I know that you would do the same if I was going through this. Love you to bits

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  2. It was awesome spending time with you and Neil on Saturday afternoon. Sumi you are doing so well, those feet are going to be galloping one of these days.Your family is really something special the way they take care of you, thank you Neil and the girls. I think a shopping spree is in order for those “moon boots” to be showed off. (hahaha). Have a good week. xxx


    1. Thanks Kim, I can’t wait to gallop on them when they all better, lol:) But I don’t know about that shopping spree though… Have a fabulous week my friend:)


  3. Hi Sumi, i am also nearing the start of week 4. Wow, you walked around without crutches? You must have great balance! 🙂

    Did you wear your boots all the time? I only wear it to walk.

    Also, any tips on cleaning the wound when I bath/soak it?

    Looking forward to your reply. Xx

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  4. Hi Candace 🙂 Nice to hear from you. Congratulations on making it this far, it only gets better from here on!

    I wore the boots when I walked yes, but did limited walking, only from the room to the bathroom and back. I never liked the crutches and felt I could manoeuvre better with the boots, albeit rather slowly. When I was in bed, I was happy to kick the ghastly boots off! Don’t worry, everything should be fine:-)

    I used a foot spa and gently soaped the wounds with a sponge. In time, the skin around the wounds will peel away, which looks unsightly but this allows new skin to form in the area.

    All the best in your recovery and remember to take it one day at a time.

    Wishing you a fabulous 2016 🙂


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