Marvellous Magazines…

I love MAGAZINES… I love books too, but new magazines excite me. Especially one’s wrapped in transparent coverings, for you know there’s something free with the magazine and many a time that’s the drawing card for buying it in the first place!!!

Just look at the magazine I received recently in the mail, titled Good Housekeeping. The cover has two renowned celebrity chefs on it and all I could see was the dazzling turquoise colour jumping at me. I ripped off the transparent cover and found a matching 2015 diary and my day was made:). Anybody who knows me will vouch I’m not the best Home Executive, I cook because I have to – not because I want to – I stopped baking because everything I’ve tried has flopped – but I continue to hoard recipes in the hope that it will come in handy one day when I can brag how I baked the best home-made chocolate cake ever!! But I know it’s never going to happen – because I’d rather be reading a book or eating a slice of cake instead of slogging in the kitchen baking one!!!

I subscribe to all sorts magazines, which is an economical method of getting my monthly dose of thrills without paying the hefty prices charged in the supermarkets. But even when I’m out and about shopping, my eyes automatically fall on these enticing magazines whilst waiting in the queues and I cannot help but pick them up, flicking through the pages just to pass time.

I especially love magazines with glossy pages, colourful photographs of celebrities and models with eye catching phrases that reel me in every time. Even if the faddist diet doesn’t work – I still want to know how Kim Kardashian managed to lose all that weight after having a baby. I need to keep up with the latest fashion trends, craziest hairstyles, make-up wonders and meals cooked in 30 minutes! It is of paramount interest to find out what the latest gossip is – which celebrity is cheating on whom – not that it would be of any consequence to the world at large, but it helps me feel better about my own life. Isn’t that what tabloids are all about anyways – escapism from our mundane lives just as much as books are, but in a more streamline manner, with the prettiest pictures to tantalise!

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