Sporting Braces…

I was meant to have braces in school. Sadly, that didn’t materialize. Then, when I got my first job, I went for orthodontic treatment and teeth were extracted in preparation for braces. I opted for removable activator braces, but since it made me speak funny, I discarded it, never to be worn again.

Now twenty years later, I’ve revisited the option of braces. Yes, I’ve lived with my teeth being crooked all my life – so why bother changing the appearance now? Well, I feel it’s never too late to fix things, to make changes, to take up a new challenge.

My children don’t understand why I’d place myself under the discomfort, considering they’ve been through it, and advised me not to. But, I knew I would always do it. There is no better time than the present to face my fear, and make the sacrifice for a super smile.

The hardest part of having braces as an adult is how other people react to it. They notice a change in me and can’t figure what’s wrong, and when they finally spot it, make comments. I feel if you have nothing nice to say  ̶  please don’t say anything! Life is filled with people going through real challenges, disabilities and hardships for you to be worried about my teeth, and how I speak.

It’s a huge adjustment for me and will undoubtedly be the longest 15 months of my life. But I am embracing my decision, with the knowledge that this too shall pass.


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