Healing a broken heart…

Have you lost a loved one? Are you going through a horrible break-up? Do you feel like no-one understands the depths of your pain? Are you stranded on an island of grief, surrounded by sadness?

I’ve had my share of heartbreak through the years. And no matter how many times it happens, it still hurts deeply. Although I can’t drive the rain clouds away, I’d like to share some comforting thoughts to ease the suffering.

  1. Cry. For as long and as hard as you want. No one has the right to tell you not to. They are your emotions, shooting straight from the heart. There is healing power in tears.
  2. It’s natural to slide into depression when losing a loved one, a boyfriend or something you desperately wished for. Emotional strife cannot be overcome in an instant.
  3. Staying in bed, hiding from the world seems tempting. Sadly few can afford to if you have a full-time job, a family to care for and the like. It seems cruel that life goes on when your heart is broken. But immersing yourself in work, taking care of others, gives one something to do, besides living in your head.
  4. Have you spoken to the God of your Understanding 🙂 He is always available, listens intently, is non-judgemental and forgives everything. Allow God to be your best friend. Lean on Him and allow the healing to commence.
  5. People may not understand the pain you’re in and can be insensitive. This can cause unnecessary strife and arguments. Let it go. It’s not worth the battle to set them straight.
  6. Rest as much as possible. Sleep calms anxious thoughts, fears and sadness. Everything seems manageable after a nap.
  7. When you can’t sleep, can I suggest long walks alone. If you’re lucky to live close to a beach, it’s the perfect place to embrace nature, savor the fresh air, take in the crashing waves. Allow the ocean to caress your soul.
  8. Be kind to yourself. Make a cup of something special. Curl up under a blanket. Watch your favorite movie even if you can’t fully appreciate it. Read a book. Listen to music. Do whatever it takes to pass the time.
  9. Don’t forget to notice the people who rally around you, who care for you during your time of grief. Give thanks and show appreciation, despite how you feel.
  10. Although it may seem like it will take forever to heal your broken heart, always search for a silver lining. You still have your health, loved ones who care for you, pets who adore you, friends who’d do anything for you. Yes, your loss is unbearable at times, but look around and see the beauty of a new day, flowers, a job that pays the bills, a bed to lay your head, a vehicle to take you around. You’re so blessed and God loves you so much!



  1. Point form always puts things in clear perspective, literally right.. Point 4 , yes it’s absolutely magical how you find your peace only with Him, no one else, and nothing else. Nice piece of writing🙋and every bit helps, thank you.

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