The Silver Moon…

Book Review: The Silver Moon – Bryce Courtenay

This is the first book I’ve read by the Author. It’s beautifully packaged in a blue hard cover reflecting the plains of Africa, where a giraffe gazes at a spectacular silver moon.

Bryce Courtenay passed away in 2012 after a brave battle with cancer. He was a prolific Author churning out countless best-sellers. Born and raised in South Africa, he departed to the UK to study Journalism before finding his calling in Australia. A career as a Copywriter spanned the next 35 years. At age 53, Courtenay wrote his first novel, “The Power of One,” giving rise to his talent and ultimately leading to a lucrative writing career.

The book reveals glimpses into Courtenay’s extraordinary life. A stand-out Chapter is the “Thinking Well.” How often do we find ourselves at crossroads not knowing which way to turn? Seeking a place that’s “only yours” to rifle through thoughts, asking honest questions but also taking into consideration opinions of others. This consultation with your inner-self leads to reasonable decisions and eventual contentment.

Courtenay was an incredible storyteller thriving through the power of words. He shares stories of his childhood, finding success and a vast knowledge on writing. Becoming a successful Novelist so late in life, he selflessly gave back through “Masterclass” teachings, empowering writers to craft popular novels.

The silver lining was the lyrical manner Courtenay described his everyday living. The animals he adored, obstacles overcome, growing vegetables, creating landscapes that brought endless joy. The penultimate Chapter, “The unfortunate process of dying slowly” opened the flood gates as Courtenay dwells on climbing the ladder the best he could, but sadly there would be no more “one last time” 😦

The final Chapter provokes a deep desire to plant sunflower seeds – to take pleasure in watching them grow tall, dancing in the sun 🙂  I have renewed faith that I too can become a successful Novelist no matter my age. But mostly, Bryce Courtenay reminded me to keep writing and always believe my time will come.

An inspirational masterpiece! An absolute must-read!




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