Flair for Fashion…

If I wasn’t a writer, I probably would have considered a career as a stylist. I love fashion, choosing garments that flatter the body, instinctively knowing whether they’d match or not.

Born under the Libra star sign, I have a natural inclination towards things of beauty. I can’t live or function in an environment that does not appeal to me. It leaves me despondent and I have to find ways to spruce up the place.

So too with fashion, every day is an opportunity to express my creativity. Mixing fabrics, trying different styles, to layer or not, dressing up or down. I love receiving invites to weddings or parties for I have license to pull out all the stops and sparkle πŸ™‚

Know your body

Nobody knows your body better than you. A certain style might look great on someone but may not work for you. This is where you need to be an expert on what suits you. Flattering styles will always elevate confidence. Clothing does not have to break the bank. Invest in a few timeless items to mix and match your wardrobe with. A denim jacket goes great over a black dress to create a casual look for day or night. Or how about donning colorful shoes to an all-black outfit πŸ™‚

To accessorize or not

Accessories are everything. I have a ton of costume jewellery that doesn’t cost a fortune. Earrings, bangles and belts add a dimension to any outfit. A statement necklace can bring to life a drab outfit if you let it. Sometimes people get a bit carried away with accessories, a word of caution – less is more.


There was a time when I didn’t wear any make-up. But I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes that bothers me, so I conceal them and apply a good foundation. I invested in make-up lessons learning how to accentuate my features. It takes practice to create a fully made face, but if you make time for it, it can transform your appearance, adding splendor to your outfit.

Shoes and handbags

I’m past the phase of wearing killer heels to draw attention. Nothing spoils an outfit more than aching feet. It is possible to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. The right pair of shoes will compliment your look with a bit of searching and patience. Handbags have become overpriced with all the brands on the market. A few inexpensive bags in varied colors can alternate well with many outfits finishing off your ensemble in the most glamorous manner.

When you look good you feel beautiful

Nothing beats a bad day more than receiving a compliment on how fabulous you look. It makes all the effort worth while. Always consider yourself a work of art, inside and out. Looking your best always brings joy!


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