Losing weight vs Being healthy…

There was a time when I desperately wanted to lose weight. I wasn’t content carrying extra kilograms and my unhealthy lifestyle was to blame. I joined Weigh-less and so began a journey of losing close to nine kilograms.

The weight didn’t fall off instantly. In fact it took over a year to see substantial results. Because I was never obese, I lost weight painfully slow, much to my disdain at times. I’d also started running at this point and found the more I ran, the more consistently I lost weight.

But following a low-fat diet is challenging. One has to eat six small meals a day to keep the blood sugar levels stable. I was always hungry, biding time to the next meal. Although I was looking great and receiving lots of compliments, I was also becoming obsessed with losing more weight. I’d surpassed my goal weight and was bordering skinny when Neil voiced concern I was taking it too far.

Taking stock of my health

When I turned 40 my body went through some changes. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was battling eczema. I had a lot of inflammation in my body that seemed to trigger my ailments. I researched my ailments and found I needed to follow a diet that would keep my inflammation levels at bay.

I stopped the low-fat diet as it wasn’t working for me any longer. I joined the banting tribe, eliminating carbs and sugar. This was super-tough to forego. But in time I did and my energy levels soared. I was eating lots of fats that kept me fuller for longer and I wasn’t famished any more. My inflammation eased up and my eczema is under control.

Being happy with my body

I’ve accepted I’m never going to look like a model and that’s okay. What’s important is having a healthy body to carry me through my later years. To exercise regularly, to never stop striving to improve my performance. I am disciplined most days and have a slice of cake when I need it – it’s called balance. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, not endured!



  1. Hi there Sumi, fully agree. I’ve got more weight than I want, but I’ve accepted it as midlfe change and I keep myself fit, can feel great when i’m out fast walking – and the knowledge that the exercise and a reasonably healthy diet, with a piece of cake now and again, is totally fine and the best I can do for myself keeps me reasonably happy with how I am. Great post and thank you for sharing with us.

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