Letting go…

Why is letting go so hard? Why do we stay when we should have left a long time ago? Why do we keep on doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?

These are the questions I’ve mulled over facing different junctures in life. I knew I needed to make changes when I felt suffocated, but applying it seemed insurmountable. It meant letting go of my old way of thinking, leaving something behind I had ties to and opening the door to a new beginning.

It’s scary to let go. Worries of making a wrong decision come into play. Hurting people along the way. Standing up for yourself, refusing to be a doormat takes enormous courage. Not everyone is going to approve of your decision and you have to stay firm in your resolve.

How to enforce letting go?

Listen to the whisperings in your heart. It knows when you’re hurt, when someone has pushed you too far, when it’s time to move on. Don’t ignore it, don’t think things are going to change, don’t sugar-coat a bad situation. Feel the rawness in its entirety and promise yourself you deserve better.

Be fearless in the pursuit of making the change. Don’t allow others to persuade you otherwise. You are the expert in your life, you hold the key to your freedom, you have the ability to move mountains when you need to. There will be flashes of doubt along the way, toy with them, then toss them aside with the notion you made the best decision for you. In time you will come to a peaceful realization that you took control of your life and walked away from what didn’t suit you any longer.

And that’s a proud moment! Cherish it!




  1. This is such an inspirational post. I think many of us get to that fork sometimes and have to decide which way to go. And you realise, that whatever you have to let go is not good for you. BUT it could be such a difficult thing to do because you’ve invested eg: a lifetime of friendship, of laughter, fun, tears and drama…of course – and here you are having to decide – do I or do I not?? hmm. Good post!

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  2. Thank you Kami 🙂 I completely agree with you, letting go is super-hard, nobody wants to be at the crossroad of goodbye for just thinking about it is overwhelming. I wrote this post for me, my addictions I had to let go when I didn’t want to, scared whether I’d make it, but if didn’t have the courage to let go I wouldn’t be living this beautiful chapter in sobriety. Letting go of friendships, especially long-standing bonds is harder, I haven’t been able to do this without my heart crumbling at the mere thought of it, for I believe in forever friends. But we all change like the unfolding of seasons and some people are not meant to stay with us forever and that’s hard to accept.

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