Music, the soundtrack of my soul…

I love music. With every phase in my life the music I listened to evolved. I fondly remember days of sticking to the radio like glue, a finger ready to record a song at the perfect moment to avoid the DJ’s voice spoiling my creation. Then playing those cassettes over and over again beaming with pride!

Moving on to the era of watching endless 80’s music videos. I loved the big hair, crazy dance moves, catchy tunes, falling in love with a different artist on a weekly basis. I recall going on a road trip with my family and my brother playing non-stop Anita Baker songs. At the time I absolutely hated them, but today I know every line of those songs and she’s become a much-loved songstress.

Living in Gauteng, I loved local music. Some of my best jams to get down to is still Brenda Fassie and Yvonne Chaka-Chaka. I still have a penchant for local artists and the list has grown exponentially over the years.

Neil and I share a mutual love of music. We’re always quizzing each other over songs and artists, wanting to outsmart the other! We make a point of going to live concerts and have an absolute blast together.

Through every disappointment, heartbreak, grieving storm – it was my collection of slow songs that comforted me. Particular songs spoke the loudest during trying times and still transport me to those weak moments. Now when I listen to them, I reminisce on how far I’ve come and how much they healed me.

It came as no surprise that music is the inspiration behind many of my short stories. Songs that made me wonder why they were written, what’s the story behind them? I listen to love songs and come up with characters and circumstances to bring the story to life. They are my precious gems and one day they will be published and the world will get to read them.

I can’t imagine a day without music and luckily I don’t have to 🙂




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