Cape Town, the place I call home…

When I was growing up and living in Gauteng, I listened to people speaking about Cape Town and I imagined a bustling City atop Table Mountain. Then I wondered how far and wide one would have to drive to get there – lol!

I had no idea then that I was destined to live in this beautiful City. When I arrived as an 18 year old fresh out of school, I couldn’t appreciate its splendor. I missed my family and life was challenging staying on my own.

It took many years to adapt to the way of life here, the people, settling down to a new normal. When I eventually accepted Cape Town as home, that’s when I saw it in a different light.

Running races has taken me to many places I wouldn’t necessarily drive to, made me appreciate nature, whether it’s running beside the beach, up slopes overlooking breathtaking views or whizzing past historical landmarks.

Cape Town’s exquisite beaches is my weakness. There’s nothing better than taking a long walk on the shore to erase stress and strife that tumble into everyday life. I always feel so much lighter and happier when I return, like I’ve been on a holiday and had the best time ever.

I’m incredibly grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to live here, work here and raise a family in Cape Town. The majestic mountain has become a lovable grandmother who reminds me to stop complaining, open my eyes and appreciate God’s greatest creation.

A view of Table Mountain from Milnerton Lagoon 🙂



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