Book Review

Book Review: The Unwanted Wife – Natasha Anders

This is the first book I’ve read by Natasha Anders. She lives in Cape Town and is a fellow Romance Author I’m friends with. I’ve made it my duty to read home-grown novels and write reviews to encourage South Africans to support local Authors.

The title lured me from the onset. I peeked at a sample on Amazon and I couldn’t stop reading. I decided to purchase it there and then!

A story of Alessandro and Theresa, a married couple locked in a loveless marriage. Alessandro was blackmailed into marrying Theresa by her own father. The only way to escape the marriage was to impregnate her with a son, redeeming a family vineyard.

Their relationship is rocky and becomes more so when Theresa learns the truth. She is ready to give Alessandro the divorce he dearly wants, turning the tables in the process. Realizing he’s close to losing her, Alessandro stops playing the cold husband and tries to make amends. Just when Theresa has the upper hand, she discovers she’s pregnant and her marriage would end in divorce, just as her father had predicted.

I loved that this is a romance of falling in love with your husband again. That marriage is hard work and it takes a strong couple to forgive and forget and afford their love a second chance. Natasha Anders captures this beautifully in a novel that’s hard to put down. She’s a phenomenal Author with a strong following of romance readers who love her books all over the world – and now I know why.

A must-read five star rating!


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