Curse of Comparison…

How often do we look at someone and think, “Wow, that person has it all – perfect body, brains, success, great family, car, house, the whole shebang,” and envy that person. We have no idea what their story is, don’t know their fears or walked in their shoes.

Yet we strive to be like them. We become unhappy with what we have, chasing ideals that’s unattainable. It’s tiring comparing our achievements to others for we’ll always fall short. No two people are the same, even twins may be identical but their personalities are different. So too is each and every person on this planet.

So how do we stop the comparison?

Gratitude. Be grateful for what you have. Your family may not be perfect but they’re the ones who’ll love and take care of you till the end. Be grateful for the job you have, it puts food on the table and affords you a home. Be grateful for your faith, for without it we’d be lost and life would be unmanageable. Be grateful for friends, they bring joy and a sense of belonging. Be grateful for your body, be it out of shape or not, it’s your temple, take care of it, speak kindly to it and it will thrive. Success equals never giving up on your dreams, beliefs and purpose in life.

Most importantly – love yourself. You are beautiful and one of a kind!



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