Our Christmas…

We’ve never been big on Christmas, mainly as we’re not Christian and don’t have extended family close by.

Our Christmas tree

However, Neil and I always made it special for our children from an early age. We’d set up the Christmas tree in December, sneak out and buy gifts, wrap them in an array of colours, hide them around the house, much to the excitement of the girls. I’d fine tune my menu for weeks, searching high and low for ingredients, ensuring we have a sumptuous meal on the day.

My beautiful family

If I thought November was crazy, December was hot on its trail! I worked until the 24th and had very little time to get my shopping done, choose gifts, set the menu and spring clean the house, all before the 25th!

Lunch is served

This Christmas was a laid back affair for us. We awoke late for a change and I prepared a breakfast of french toast with lashings of honey and coffee. We gathered around the Christmas tree as the girls ripped through wrapping to reveal their gifts with smiles all around. Neil spoilt me with an infinity necklace and I was beaming.

My Sweetheart

With the assistance of the girls I adorned the table and got to work on lunch. The menu consisted of a delicious slow cooked leg of lamb, spanish rice, egg and potato salad, sweet and sour tomato chutney and for dessert – chocolate waffle cups filled with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream – yummy.

Neil carving the leg of lamb

We enjoy dressing up for Christmas, although I must admit Lakeisha wasn’t co-operative this time around. It probably has a lot to do with the adolescent stage she’s swimming in and as much as I get annoyed with her tantrums, I take a deep breath and say this too shall pass.

Zhane and Lakeisha

We sat down to a quiet lunch, just the four of us, savouring the meal, reminiscing over prior Christmas celebrations, amidst laughter and indulging far too much. After the washing up, we settled down to watch movies, something we rarely find time to do as a family.

Just me

This Christmas may have been low-key, but it was everything and more I could have wished for. It was quality time spent in the company of my beautiful family who love me unconditionally, who understand when I’m frazzled with too much to do and still support me every step of the way. It was a priceless occasion to show love and appreciation to the ones who light up my life.

Sending love from the Singhs’


  1. I too am no longer a Christian, but for me the festival is all about Family and it looks like you got that bit exactly right. That roast lamb sounds divine … you will have to run it all off in the coming weeks!

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  2. True Luv, December was just as busy, especially with you working till the 24th and me still at work, not offering much help either. I must admit the Christmas festivities turned out great! All about us enjoying the delicious meal that was prepared and spending quality family time together. It was awesome. Thanks babe 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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