Book Review

The Keepers: Archer – Rae Rivers


One can only call yourself lucky when you’re able to read a book by an Author you’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person. I met Rae Rivers through the Romance Writers’ Organisation and she truly is an inspiration to many aspiring Romance Authors hoping to succeed in the genre.

When I got to meet Rae a second time, I brought along a copy of her book and she didn’t hesitate to inscribe it, jotting a personal message especially for me, much to my delight. The Keepers is a trilogy, comprising of Archer, Declan and Ethan.

Curling up with my copy of Archer, I was a tad sceptical whether I would find the book interesting considering it is a paranormal romance novel. I thrive on romance, but I’d never ventured into mystical tales before. However, I kept an open mind and plunged into the book.

The story floats around Sienna Beckham, a witch who has supernatural powers bestowed upon her by her grandmother and a long line of ancestors. The three dashing Bennet brothers, Archer, Declan and Ethan are her Keepers, fighting off evil in the town of Rapid Falls, maintaining harmony. From the onset, one is drawn to the sizzling chemistry between Sienna and Archer. Such a relationship is forbidden between a witch and a keeper, yet they are unable to resist temptation, allowing their love to consume them.

Amidst love, there is never a dull moment as evil lurks, threatening to destroy the peace and harmony they fiercely protect. This book oozes action, drama, intrigue, magic and a non-stop battle between good versus evil. Rae Rivers is a talented writer; she has the unique ability to hook the reader from the very first page to the last with her captivating storytelling.

If you love romance, are a fan of magical tales or just adore reading per se, you will be enchanted by this book. I cannot wait to sink my claws into the follow-up of the Keepers: Declan 🙂

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