Hello September…

Spring has to be my favourite season of the year! I love the sweet sound of birds serenading me awake, an early morning sun rise, the crisp air, colourful flowers on show and the promise of a glorious day.


In Cape Town, winter is still clinging on for dear life, not wanting to let up. However, as the days roll by, I can feel its clutches weakening as the sun makes its appearance and spring beckons.


I’ve been earnestly in training for the Gun Run looming in October. As it’s a 21km race, I’ve been increasing the distance steadily hoping to pack in all the training. My long runs over weekends have been marvellous and exhilarating in the company of my husband and friends. They motivate me to train harder, stick by me when the going gets tough and rejoice when the run is in the bag.


I submitted my fiction story I wrote to my Writer’s Review Group this week. I polished and preened it and every time I read it, couldn’t help feel a surge of joy. It has to be the most rewarding experience I’ve felt in a long while, realising I was able to deliver a gem through hard work and determination.


September happens to be my birthday month and I will be turning forty. Throughout my thirties, I’ve always dreaded this moment, thinking it would mark the death of my youthful days and kick start the beginning of the end. Yet in this year alone I’ve learnt how harsh life can be losing a parent and how resilient I became with each passing day. I’ve learnt to say no and not have to explain myself to anyone. I’ve learnt that I don’t need to impress people, those who love and respect me already see my worth. I truly hold the key to my happiness and my future looks bright.


I hope September stays around longer and works its magic on my big day. I want to revel in the fun with my family and friends and pause to take in the moment. I wish all my readers could experience this celebration with me – but not to fret, I will snap plenty of photos and document everything as if you were right there with me 🙂


I wish you all a splendid spring 🙂


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