Title and Tagline – Blogging 101

My second assignment in the Blogging 101 challenge was to edit my title and tagline as they are the cornerstones to a successful blog, they need to be catchy and intrigue the reader.

I pondered over my title – even considered changing it, but eventually decided to leave it as is. I came to the conclusion that Sweet Life of Sumi Singh embraces me perfectly.

The tagline on the other hand definitely needed a refresher. I played around with words – finally settling on Sugar, Spice and Serenity.

My reasoning…

Firstly, who doesn’t love alliteration? Secondly, sugar describes my personality impeccably – sweet, kind-hearted and a stickler for fairness. These qualities shine through in my blog posts. Thirdly, spice reflects my Indian gene (hot and feisty) streaming into my affinity for writing romance stories. Fourth but not least, I’m always seeking serenity – sobriety instilled within me a deep-seated desire to attain inner peace in a chaotic world.

The question is… do you like it?


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