Ten reasons why I love winter running…

  1. I know, the weather can be downright erratic – however my rule of thumb is, unless it’s pouring with rain, winter truly is the best season to run in, set goals and build fitness.
  2. Running yanks my butt out of a seated position and gets me moving.
  3. I warm up nicely, my breathing stabilises and I find a rhythm.
  4. It clears my head of pent up stress and frustration.
  5. I don’t need to lather on the sun screen, my complexion is protected and to an Indian that’s priceless.
  6. It doesn’t matter how tough the work-out is, when I’m done I feel like I’ve conquered Mount Everest.
  7. I get to run with passionate runners who love the sport, chat and laugh along the way, taking my mind off the distance.
  8. I’m fortunate to witness the most breath-taking winter sunsets in Cape Town, a pale sun sinking into an amber horizon, saying farewell to the day with a promise to return.
  9. I can hop into a hot shower; wash all the tiredness away, feeling refreshed and satisfied with myself.
  10. Oh and that biscuit or block of chocolate I crave – I can savour it and not feel a shred of guilt 🙂


    1. Yes very different, we rarely experience below freezing temperatures here in Cape Town, South Africa. Our winter stretches over a seven month period until summer warms our shores. It is the perfect time to pack in the training. Best of luck with your running 🙂


    1. I consider running to be much like writing Alison. It’s a passion that needs to be fostered and nurtured. Believe you me, there are times when I have no desire to run, but I force myself to do it and every time I do, I feel great. I’m always left astounded by my body’s ability to break through the doubts in my mind and that’s why I love it so much!

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