Poem: A Running Affair…

Why would I leave my warm bed

At this absurd hour

Lacing up my trainers

Setting forth into darkness

Is it because you steal my breath away

With strides you push me to take

Crisp wind ruffling my hair

Sweat tickling my cheeks

A plodding of distance ahead

So tough with each step

An aching in my knees

A screaming in my mind – STOP

Oh look, the sky is awakening

Shimmering sunrise appears

The birds are serenading

A rhythm of running rushes over me

Peace nestles my heart

Stress erased from my mind

Another runner is approaching

A greeting of hello echoes

My journey is nearing its end

I run faster for its almost over

Euphoria overcomes me

I LOVE you running – let’s do it again…



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