Week Two – Recovery after Bunion Surgery…

As much as I’ve tried to remain positive this week, it’s been quite a struggle to stay upbeat all the time. Waking up late on a Monday morning is GLORIOUS – FINALLY one is afforded the opportunity of staying home legally from work whilst everyone else is battling the traffic and stressing over the amount of work they have. But not me – I had time to rest when I wanted to, write when I felt like and then rest some more for the hell of it:)

But the feel good moment soon lost its sparkle when Tuesday rolled in. The hours seemed to drag on and boredom kicked in realising I was doing the same thing over and over. I was frustrating myself attempting to tidy up my room, finally coming to the realisation I cannot do much without putting pressure on my feet. A hopeless waste of time, I tell you.

My pain seems to be concentrated to my left foot. A throbbing searing pain that seems to intensify as time goes by. I take the recommended dosage of medication every six hours which causes intense drowsiness where I’m floating in and out of dreamland. All this sleeping during the course of the day tends to mess up my sleeping patterns in the evening – which sees me waking up at ridiculous hours of the morning, twiddling my thumbs, thinking what I could do to keep busy without waking Neil.

The bandages on my feet will hopefully be removed on 21/11 and to say I’m counting the days would be an understatement. It feels like I have permanent boots on which makes me look like an Eskimo in summer! Also placing the duvet over my feet at night feels as if they are slowly suffocating. Sleeping in the same position has been tough to work around; I just cannot seem to get comfortable. However, it amazes me the way the body can adapt to your circumstances and you somehow find a way of sleeping through the discomfort.

I was lucky to receive visits from two of my dear friends this week. One of them being, Naomi Williams. We met a few years ago at my Running Club where she was the Coach. I learnt so much from her when I was breaking into running. She always had an abundance of patience, listening to my woes, encouraging me to never give up and offering support when injuries got the better of me. She has been my running Mentor, having coached me on my very first Two Oceans Half Marathon. We would meet up every weekend at the crack of dawn, clocking in the distance, whilst chatting about life. Even though I was injured leading up to that particular race, I still managed to compete in it by following the run/walk approach Naomi recommended and it was mind-blowing crossing the finish line of my very first 21km race!!! She’s currently training for the upcoming Two Oceans Ultra and Comrades marathons and I just love sitting in her company listening to her strategies in tackling these mammoth races. What shines within her is her utter humbleness amongst all her achievements. She has an INCREDIBLE determination to succeed in everything she puts her mind to without the  motivation of others, a striking quality I admire tremendously. I cannot wait to be fully recovered to start training with her again in the future:).

Then my dear friend Heide Seiler came by to see me. I have known Heide for the past four years – which doesn’t seem long – but she’s made a profound impact in my life. I have never quite met anyone like her before – so full of love, kindness, understanding, tolerance, humbleness, the list goes on and on. She came into my life at a time when I needed her most – she helped me overcome so many issues for which I will forever be grateful for. She travels frequently to Germany, and when she’s away there’s such a void and I cannot help but miss her terribly. But when she returns, it’s as if she never left, for we catch up exactly where we left off! And even though she’s much older than me – I so love the wisdom she brings to the friendship. I learn so much from her on a daily basis, brimming with happiness coming out of our lengthy discussions about life. There are just some people in this world who truly fills your soul with contentment and she happens to be one of those special people:).

The upside of this week is that I managed to read a novel and write a few blog posts. I always struggle when it comes to writing fiction – I belong to the West Coast Writer’s Circle as well as a Small Writer’s Group. The goal is to write enough stories to keep me going next year and I haven’t even made a dent thus far!!! Writing is ridiculously tough – coming up with characters, plots, settings and satisfying endings is always challenging in the beginning … but once everything falls into place and the story takes flight, that’s when adrenalin sets in and you understand why you have a calling to be a Writer in the first place. I do so hope I get to that happy place again … soon.

So to sum my week up – I would say staying in bed all the time sucks – big time – but having a loving family who takes care of your every whim is priceless. In today’s world where life is super-busy, having friends find time in their hectic schedules to actually come by and visit you is the delectable icing and sweetest cherry on the cake for me. You fill me up with joy, help me feel special and lift my spirits in ways I can never quite repay. I truly love my family and friends…


  1. Well, it seemed that you have not received it. This is what I had sent.:
    “The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable”
    God doesn’t change his mind when he passes out the talents. He knows who to give them to, you have been so patient and faithful and with your writing, you would surely be able to help other people. So, enough said, loved reading your blog. Take good care.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Naomi😊. I always knew writing was my calling and this blog has afforded me an outlet to focuss my energy, which has been therapeutic and hopefully helpful to others out there. It’s a pet project and one I’m very proud of for I’ve worked really hard on it. It brings me delight when I hear others enjoy it. Love you lots my friend😘


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