Book Review: The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty

The first thing that caught my attention when picking up this book was the SENSATIONAL cover. I fell in love with the colour, texture and utter splendour of it all. Okay – so I would be lying if I said the title didn’t grip me either … who can resist SECRETS – especially a Husband’s secret?

This is the first book I have read from this Author and it certainly won’t be the last! Her writing ability is of such a high calibre – she captures every miniscule detail – at first it might seem too much to take in, but once you get used to the flow of words, you eventually revel in her gift of the gab.

What reeled me in was when Cecelia, one of the three characters in the book, discovers an envelope written in her Husband’s hand: “TO BE OPENED ONLY IN THE EVENT OF MY DEATH.” Her husband wasn’t dead and was working out of town – what was she to do? You immediately place yourself in her situation and think what you would do? I probably would have ripped it open and read it – but what if the contents would change your life as you know it forever? It’s pretty much like opening Pandora’s box and not being able to close it!

The story surrounds two other characters as well – Tess and Rachel. All married, except for Rachel who is widowed and whose daughter was murdered many years ago which left her with a broken heart and unresolved issues. Living in a small town, these characters lives become intertwined as events start unfolding and secrets are revealed.

I kind of speculated what the secret was in the beginning and found to my astonishment that I had it completely wrong – that’s always a good sign of an entertaining book! On the Sumi Book Review Star Rating – I would rate it nine stars out of ten!!! A truly gripping book and literally UNPUTDOWNABLE!!!


  1. Ooooooh you’ve def wet my ready buds. Your recommendations are always spot on. Still busy with “Sing you home” and loving it. ………loooooove the whole concept of music therapy. Have you watched the movie “Begin Again” Sumi you will love it.

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  2. Thanks Anthea. No, I haven’t watched the movie, but if you’re recommending it, I have to see it. Will let you know when I do😘


  3. Well…I wana know the secret!!! So I need to get me hands on a copy of this…lol…I found Nafisa Haji a very enthralling writer too. Sad that she only has 2 books though… 😦

    Hope your surgery went well Sumi. The most difficult part starts after…so stay strong and keep ’em coming!! Will give u a list of a few good ones I have read…no reviews as I am still only doing productivity and islamic related book reviews for

    Take care!


    1. You will truly enjoy it Naaz😀. Will check out the books by Nafisa Haji, thanks for the recommendation😊. The surgery went well… and you’re right, I’m finding it tough to stay strong, but hanging in there. The writing helps though😊. Regards to the family😘


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