Day Two – Bilateral Bunion Surgery

In comparison, Day One was pure bliss! Day Two paled in comparison – for it was too good to be true!!! When my family left, I couldn’t fall asleep, even with my nifty morphine pump in hand, sleep seemed to evade me. The hardest part was sleeping in the same position all the time – how freaking uncomfortable with your legs propped up on pillows, unable to twist or move – I couldn’t even lay at a slant before a tingling sensation crept up my leg. To add fuel to fire, the anaesthetic was wearing off, slowly but surely! Sleep befell me around 4am which was the time nurses were making their rounds, checking on blood pressure and checking pain levels.

At some point I couldn’t even register a thing they were saying – I was drifting in and out of consciousness and to my disdain, was becoming nauseous by the minute – the kind of down in the dump sensation where you’re drugged out of your mind with no easy way out. I couldn’t even touch my breakfast, let alone look at it. Only after Mother Theresa injected some sweet relief into my drip, did some normalcy ebb its way into my body.

Lunch was a delight – sticky wings, rice and beetroot – dessert was jelly and custard:). I cannot even recall the last time I had of this oh so delicious dessert, warm smooth custard with blobs of wobbly red jelly, simply lip-smacking:). After a lazy snooze, I was ready for a time trial bathing experience, this time was much better, I bet I shaved a few minutes off my original bath time – making some progress if I do say so myself:).

I felt very bad tonight for my daughter, Zhané as she was performing her final drama production and I really wished I could have been there to witness it. But I do know she will make me proud for she shines supremely in drama, her calling and passion in life:). Although, she was very disappointed I couldn’t make it, I have no doubt it will be an outstanding performance:)

My friends Jaya and Thasin came by to see me and it was good catching up. We have known each other for over twenty years and although the friendship has gone through many ups and downs, we’ve remained committed to the friendship for we share the most memorable times – moments which will always remain ingrained in our minds for eternity. They bring the broadest smile to my lips, joking about the good ole days – it’s true what they say about old friends, “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget” so apt to describe our friendship. They totally rock, constantly reminding me where we come from, the crazy times of days gone by and the promise of more good times in the future:).

I must say that one of the greatest lessons I learnt today was how much one’s life can change in an instant.  A few days ago, I was whizzing through life with a million and one things to do and now it’s as if life has come to a complete stand-still. My existence is that of an invalid – unable to walk on my own, needing assistance in everything I do, slipping in and out of consciousness. When I chat to nurses and patients in my ward, I really listen to what they have to say, taking everything in – whereas if the tables were turned, I would be watching the clock, thinking about the next thing on my to-do list!

Yes, lesson No. 1 – things that can change in a split second – take the time to smell the coffee, look out the window, listen, yes really listen when someone speaks to you and just for a second – appreciate what you have:).


  1. Hi Sumi, how are your feet? I am having my left bunion removed
    With Dr Hastings in 2 weeks time. Are you happy with your feet? Less pain? Thank you


    1. Hi Liesl, my op was a huge success and I’m very happy with my feet. Dr Hastings is one of the best specialists, just follow his instructions and you’ll be fine. After the op there will be some pain and discomfort but its manageable. Best of luck😀


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