A Musical Date Night…

So last night was Date Night – Instead of going out for a romantic dinner, we decided to spoil ourselves by attending the Divo’s 2014 music concert at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town. Neil and I share a mutual love of music, this passion for music is what ignited our spark of love many years ago and we still revel in attending as many concerts as we can:).

We were in for a treat as the line-up included performances by Nur Abrahams, Mario Ogle, the Black Ties, Alistair Isobel, Garth Taylor and the star act, Phil Fearon!!! A supreme feast for the eyes and ears, we were like two kids in a candy store:).

Nur Abrahams was up first… what a brilliant singer with an incredibly strong voice singing some of Cape Town’s all time favourite tracks such as “After the Love is Gone” – soulful:). Then along came Mario Ogle – and dynamite sure comes in small packages, for he has an explosive voice and sang many of his popular songs. I especially liked “Techno Fancy” which is so apt in today’s social media frenzy.

The Black Ties were next to perform. They include Chad Saaiman, Keno Lee and Lloyd Jansen. All top class performers in their own right. Chad Saaiman is super-talented and we’ve loved his music for years now ever since seeing him perform for the first time at Kirstenbosch:). When Lloyd Jansen sang “One last Cry” the hairs on my arms popped up – I could not believe that anyone could ever bring justice to that song other than Brian McKnight. The lyrics tugged at my heart strings and I was completely caught in the moment, closing my eyes and all I could hear was his magnificent voice – he totally blew me away:). The Black Ties sang “Love never felt so good” and OMW this had Cape Town singing and swaying to this popular song – AWESOME:). Alister Izobel was up next, one of Cape Town’s star performers – a show is not complete without him lighting the stage with his witty charm and super-dance moves. A performer of note and outstanding crooner of old time favourites like “Me and Mrs Jones” – he certainly had the crowd going.

One of the performers I really wanted to see was Garth Taylor. I knew his music from way back when and could not wait to see him performing live. Was Cape Town in for a treat:). He looks oh so AMAZING in skinny jeans, is lanky and gorgeous with the most POWERFUL voice to boot. But what really blew me away was his boundless energy and gyrating moves:). He had the crowd in stitches with his antics on stage and we couldn’t get enough of him:). When he sang his all time favourite song “Why”, he utterly stole the show:). I was asking “Why” did he have to leave – but alas all good things come to an end:(. But, I’m glad to say he has a new groupie for life:).

After the interval, the star performer Phil Fearon blazed onto the stage. He hails from Jamaica and has many favourites such as, “Dancing Tight”, “Everybody’s laughing”, “Fantasy Real”, “What do I do” and the best song for me was “This kind of love”. He had Cape Town dancers jazzing on stage to this rhythmic song and the crowd went wild:). What a way to end a spectacular evening:).

If I could bottle up the sheer delight one feels coming out of an evening like this, I would do so. They are memories I treasure and nostalgically recall time and time again chatting to loved ones. I look forward to many more concerts in the future, but right now I carry this wonderful memory around with delight in my heart and the broadest smile on my face:).


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